Gamification for online business

Games attract users and can make a big improvement for your business. Take a look at TOP companies over the world: they have already tested games as a business instrument and now starts new games regularly. But what do I mean, when I say gamification? What type of game mechanisms suits to your business and leads you to your goals? Lets make it clear!

Type of games

Most likely there is no best decision about type of the game for your business. The model of the game that will gain you a maximum effect depends on type of your product or services. First of all let us distinguish important conditions and parameters about games that will influence on thу right choice:


Gamification in education

Adding game mechanics to your education process is the key to outgoing results. Why do we expect the most value of gamification exactly in online education? Here we should consider the next list of important moments:

  1. Learning something new is always hard. If it is not hard, then you are not learning. So how to describe complicated elements easily? Sure we should use game mechanics - simple modeling combined with visual information will do the deal.
  2. How to fix the new knowledges for long time? Practicing! The best way for practicing is to imitate things from education to game model
  3. How to encourage pupils to do the best? Add a competition game to education process. 


The games we use in education depend on the auditory:

  • educational games for children
  • educational games for profeccionals
  • educational games for enterpreneurs
  • etc

Gamification in HR

How to score the candidate fast and check the most important skills via internet? Sure we need to use gamification. Using games we can check both hard skills and soft skills, also check how does the candidate behave in stress and how does he acts when we ask contradictionary questions.

Offline + online

Combining offline and online business with game mechanics is a great opportunity to get super effect. For instance you can give a special promocode to every customer buying offline, in order to make him visit your website and try his chance with this promocode in special lottery. 

Products or services

Simple products

The easier is product, the less we are to explain to our users about the product and the easier is to compare our offer with analogue. So we have to think up more creative ideas to become outstanding. But still we can use popular and simple types of game

  • Online-lottery 
  • 2D scroller
  • Quiz
  • 2D single screen
  • 2D side scroller
  • 2D adventure
  • and others


Complicated products

When we deal with complicated products, we can create additional meaning to the game: user can use game to learn about your product, or have some challenge about finding the most suitable model of product



Here we have the same great opportunities to educate user about our product and to combine the the best list of services. 


Goals that can be achieved by adding a game to your business

Customers loyality

Loality is about your relationship with your client. Loyality is about high quality maintenance that customer will never leave. Loyality is about being close to the user everytime and make his problem solved. So if your game can help your customer to solve at least one small problem - he will remember an image of your outstanding company. What problem can we solve by gaming?

Improving sales

Additional opportunity to offer our product to web-site user will give us additional sales. Furthermore according to our statistics, gamification can improve your conversion rate to the new level. The next points will describe how it works.



This function is especially important when user is about to wait something. What does usual user does when he is to wait your answer? He is going to another website, looking for similar service or product. Offer him some entertaining while waiting and prevent his leaving. 


Fast responce

Compare two types of interaction with user, when he needs some consultation about your product. For example he has a doubt between 2 models of your product. The first, classic, is feedback form on your website or calling by phone. There is big enough probability that user will lose focus on that need and will forget about it soon. But as soon, as he left an order to response - automaticly send him a special link to your game and comment that it will help him to choose the model that likely suits his conditions. The game that can do such thing is quiz, the most popular and simple game ever.



Continuing the previous point: game can describe some complicated moments about product or service. For example we can create some strategy type of  game, that will allow us to show the real effects depending on the users choise or behavour. Let it be investment strategy game: user can try his investment strategy step by step, and compare results with his expectations. 



If we add some user score and user rating to the game, our customers start to compete each other. They can spend hours, trying to beat someone`s result and then they will share their success with the friends: direct messaging or posting via instagram and facebook.

Data mining

While gaming, our future buyer can tell us a lot of interesting things. During game we can ask some question, look for the users behaviour and even offer him different products, then look what will he choose. Collecting this data can help us to class this user and then create some personal offer. Personal offer will always have a better conversion. The thing is to interpret the data best way.


Improving users behaviour metrics

When we are talking about search engine optimisation we often monitor such metrics as web-site visit duration, depth of views and amount of clicks and etc. The longer is the visit, the better ranking we can get in google results page. Adding some game to the web-site will increase average durability of visit by dozens of percents. Do you want to have a better positioning in Google?


This is not a final list of advanages, that you can get adding some gamification to your website.


Game engines

So we are talking about web gamification or how to add a game to your website. But game could be multiplatforming - contain several parts offline and online. 

Here we have a list of typical games and related engines sorted from simple to complicated.



  • QUIZ


This is the most popular gaming mechanics, that allows us to combine anything we want. What are typical quizes:

  • Answer on 5-100 difficult question on chosen theme and check your level of knowledge
  • Go through our survey and get your best choise in any theme
  • etc

Engines: the are a lot of quiz-constructors that provide service to create quiz easily and without coding at all. Situation starts to be more complicated, when you need to integrate this quiz to your website, CRM and get the raw data to explore.



  • Game of chance or online immediate lottery


We can put a lottery on website and offer our users to try it and win some prizes. We can complicate the game by adding a special condition - in order to take part in lottery user have to enter a promocode. Promocode is unique and can be used only once. Promocode is given with previous order. So when customer buys your product or service, you give him personal unique promocode and he have to visit your website in order to take part (this is the first advantage). User can win extra discount for the next shopping, but this discount last only several days. So some of winners will make soon additional shopping. Also user can win some free product, and that is great! When user takes the prize, we can ask him to share this fact with his friends via social nets. So we get additional advertisment.

Engines: js libraries with any backend (php+MySQL, Nodejs+Mongo, Python etc)



  • Scrolling


Scrolling games are very popular, and you have already saw a lot of such games: 2D racing, moving throw the bombs and prizes and others. How to customize it to feat your business? First of all game decoration should be taken from your business theme. Then main actor,  threats and prizes should also be specific. Finally user gets some score and takes part in your rating. So if user wants additional discount on your website, you can offer him to try to win it in game! For sure winner will share the fact that he wins with his friends and followers.

Engines:unity and other js frameworks 



  • Simulation Strategy


The game can simulate those part of the real world, which is related to your products and services. So player can get some new experience about interacting with your products and check the effects of it. Simulation strategy can also be multiplayer and lasts for a hundreds of hours.

Here we can divide turn-based strategies and real-time strategies.

Engines: js libraries with any backend (php+MySQL, Nodejs+Mongo, Python etc)



  • Educational games


This is the best way to make education gone well. 

Engines: js libraries with any backend (php+MySQL, Nodejs+Mongo, Python etc)



  • Adventure


Content is under reconstruction



  • Hypercasual


Content is under reconstruction

Game Development Cost

The cost of developing games depends on the type of game mechanics chosen and the essence of the game, the amount of required design and development work.


Final price of game-development counts during next steps:

  1. Choosing game mechanics and creating a scenario. This is the most important step that influence on all the others elements. Changing scenario or game mechanics while designing or coding will double the whole price. Here we create basic content, that will appear in the game.
  2. Designing the game
    1. Prototype. First is to make a basic prototype, that will describe visually all game mechanics screen by screen.
    2. Creating visual decoration over the prototype
  3. Programming the game
  4. Creating final content - adding some texts and other content in the game
  5. Testing and publishing


Examples of prices on game-dev


Game type

Game cost

Dev time


from 500$

from 7 hours


from 2000$

from 4 days


from 2000$

from 4 days

Simulation strategy

from 2000$

from 4 days

Educational games

from 4000$

from 6 days

Game ideas and examples

Here we will put the list of game-ideas for business and examples 

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