Ecommerce development

Development of online stores on the MODX or NodeJs platform Development of fast and convenient full cycle online stores

The key to the success of your e-commerce project

High speed of work

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User and service friendliness


Scalability and customization


End-to-end analytics systems and internal analytics components


Quick management of goods and prices, availability


Development stages:

  1. Preparation of technical specifications and development of a prototype, approval
  2. Design of the main pages of the site. Agreement
  3. The layout of site page layouts
  4. Installation of an online store management system, development of page templates and functionality
  5. Filling the online store
  6. Testing
  7. Delivery of the project


The key functionality of development:

    1. The number of nomenclature of goods from 1 to 1 million
    2. The speed of processing a search request for site products from 0.1 sec
    3. Smart search with on-the-fly preview results and statistics collection
    4. Filtering the list of products by a dynamic set of parameters
    5. Website loading speed 0.1-0.6 sec
    6. Product comments and product ratings
    7. Connection of Internet acquiring and payment on a credit
    8. Subscription for product availability
    9. Personal account with the ability to view order history and change user profile
    10. Loyalty programs and discount systems: discounts for authorized users, discounts on bundles of goods, discounts valid for a limited time, individual discounts on condition
    11. Export to Yandex Market
    12. Integration with CRM
    13. Integration with accounting systems
    14. Email and SMS mailing module

Development team

For 6 years now we have been developing online stores on various platforms for our clients. Our team has all the required specialists: from the project manager to the layout designer and tester.

E-commerce for leaders in their niches

In 2020, it is no longer enough just to make an online store using a template engine or constructor. The minimal advantage in convenience, speed and level of analytics over competitors gives the leader a huge lead and a large market share. The leader gets everything. In this race, it is necessary that your project can easily handle high loads and be ready to quickly change to meet new market requirements.

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