Hosting for the site. What hosting to choose?


Currently in Russia there are more than 5,000 companies providing hosting services. You can also use the services of foreign companies-hosters. In addition, each company provides target line rates virtual hosting, and dedicated server rentals. To determine which of the hosting and the tariff is right for you? The following are requirements for different hostings.


So you can understand what kind of project (or multiple projects) you want to place on the hosting: of various complexity sites will require the availability of resources: the most basic of them. For those who first encounters with hosting and designing websites, there is a possibility: hosting provides the ability to use the server within the predetermined limits. The client can use hundreds and even thousands of clients. It should also be understood that the "shared" server, you can only use to execute a php script (also in Python and Dr), as well as in the MySQL database. Let's see details!

How to choose hosting

Pay attention to the choice of hosting:


  1. The amount of memory. You should point out to you the disk space of your server. Memory on demand to HTML, CSS and JS files, for files in a content management system for pictures and documents for site backups and other files. If this is not enough memory, then the host can disable the ability to create and add files to the site and opportunity listings.and in MySQL database. In this part of the website functionality will no longer work at all. The memory limit is set for each host. Usually the minimum amount is from 1 to 3Gb. The maximum amount of "shared" hosting usually does not exceed 30GB.
  2. The type of memory on the server (SSD / HDD). The server can be installed HDD or SSD drives to store data. With this SSD gives a significant increase in speed of recording and playback of data compared to a HDD, that's why all modern hosting providers have already switched to SSD. Recommend to consider hosting only on the SSD.
  3. The allowable load is to the North. These data are rarely specified explicitly when ordering hosting. However, if you request technical support, on any adequate hosting no problim reported limit loadOSCE on the processor. For hosting which we use most of our projects, we do not have a limit at 65 CP a day, where CP is an abstract quantity that characterizes the number of processes in the processes of the users who receive the standard Linux kernel.
  4. The number of sites at the same rate. You can host multiple sites, unlimited sites and unlimited. So if you are going to host multiple sites, you have to pay for them or pay for sites with a sufficient number of sites. In any case, to increase the number of sites you can use the support requests.                                                                                                                               
  5. The number of allowed MySQL and load the database. Each site requires MySQL. The number of types of database can be limited. Limited load on the database. For allowed load in 2500 cents a day. After about 2-3 minutes the database "goes in step" and not processed. Everything is working, and you have nothing to worry about. You want to constantly increase the load on the CMS - it is necessary to optimize the number of queries to the database, configure the system requests and, of course, to choose a more effective rate for hosting, or contact technical support with a request to increase the number of sites to either move the website to a VPS.


Hosting for websites depending on the type of site

1. Hosting for small website

Such sites are characterized by their simplicity and minimal functionality. Respectively and ne require expensive hosting. Depending on the management system of the hosting provider. About the important moments are describe separately below.



2. Hosting for corporate site

Corporate website may contain more information and more options for the user than the site card. Hosting. There are more powerful hosting. If the number of pages on the site in the thousands, and on most pages of different content might be a problem with speed of loading pages of the website.


3. Hosting for landing page / web site

Currently more and more pay for the hosting costs monthly cost for the designer. If you don't use constructive sites, a complex system of multibinding, through Analytics and other systems, for your site quite will approach the base rate on any hosting. However, not every host provides a complete list of required features and capabilities. A complete list of what is necessary to pay attention when published.


5. Hosting for an online store

A critical parameter affecting the speed and choice of hosting, is the amount of goods placed in the online store. In most cases, this is due to the fact that all systems in General and hosting separately.


Small shop up to 500 products

If you are in the online store at least 500 products, you have no more than 2-3 images, use the basic or the slightly more powerful rate.

cal-align: inherit;">The online shop with more than 500

If goods of more than 500 and / or each product has a large number of photos, videos, settings, and text descriptions, reviews, reviews and other data, then try to use more advanced tariffs.

Let's calculate more:

  1. Image and videos. For example, 6 units of goods will weigh about 1-1. 5 MB in addition, as a rule, are used, additional images of other sizes. Video is usually connected through the link of the website, but if you download it on the website, then it is more than 5 MB of memory for each product. The result is that for every 1000 items in the online store is required to allocate at least 2GB for video.
  2. In addition, the database MySQL to 0.5 GB.
  3. Go ahead! Any shop uses caching of results their scripts and images, to speed site. Caching also requires disk space from 100Mb to 10Gb.
  4. But that's not all! The online store requires that you create regular backups. In order to be able to download, we need free space on the drive hosting the "weighs" almost as much as the site itself.

In the online store requires at least 15-20Gb free space on hosting. You also need to pay attention to operational load and maximum allowable load on the processor of the server.

Online store or marketplace with over 100,000 products

Such projects are rarely RAmeshayutsya on a virtual server. They require a "shared" hosting is not suitable. Consider for your project VPS (VDS) or the rental of the server in date-center. The cost of services in the normal host should be the maximum.


6. Hosting article site / infoportal

In the case of the choice of hosting for stateynogo site should also focus on the number of articles on the future of the site. Each article typically carries images and videos. In the 21st century people are reading less and watching more pictures and video, right information is obtained much faster. Therefore, modern statelike contain articles in which the number of images can reach 5-10 or even more as well as video. But the video is easier to "host" on YouTube and embed in an article in the form of a code that does not require space on the server disk.

Let's calculate more:

  1. For each article 5-10 images weigh on average 2-10Mb. So 500 articles will require 1-5GB of space on your disk
  2. The content management system takes up to 1Gb and also MySQL database to 0,5 GB
  3. Like shop, CMS article site will cache your scripts. But the functionality stateyny site easier than the online store and memory cache will need less. Typically, the cache is not more than 1-2GB.
  4. Place for backups and other files are the same as weighs the entire site and database dump.

In sum, it is necessary to consider hosting from 8Gb of memory.




7. A web service or Internet application or other complicated Internet projects

Such projects are almost never placed on "shared" hosting.

First, unlike conventional websites, there are alternative development environments (RoR, NodeJs, Python, Asp.NET etc.) and databases (Mongo, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, etc), and it automatically crosses out the virtualNY hostingis possible options.

Secondly, they require a more detailed server setup, and this means shared hosting is not suitable.

Consider for your project VPS (VDS) or rent a physical server in the data center. Of course this service is significantly more expensive than normal hosting, but will allow you to get maximum power and speed of an online store.


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